Why Angels?

Angels, and their existence have intrigued me since I was young.

My favorite book growing up was an old children’s prayer book that had a picture of a little boy and little girl trying to negotiate over an unsteady footbridge. The picture also depicted a beautiful Guardian Angel helping the children cross the bridge safely.

The thought that I had a Guardian Angel watching over me was so intriguing and mysterious as a child.

As I grew into adulthood I began to realize that angels not only protect me, but that God created angels and sent them to co-exist in this Universe to comfort, direct and assist us in our daily lives and spiritual development.

My angel collection goes back as far back as I can remember.  My collection consists of hundreds of angels from all over the world that peer down from the ceiling or look across the room from a shelf. They are a subtle reminder to me of God’s endless love and promise of eternal life in Heaven.

It was my intrigue for angels that inspired me to create angel furniture and décor items for my home and gardens.

All of the items featured are custom designs. We pride ourselves on exquisite details and beautifully designed, yet functional pieces.

One commitment of Wing and a Prayer Angelic Creations is to help make a difference for those in need.

We are proud supporters of:

Did you know?

Angels are referenced in the Bible 273 times!!  108 times in the Old Testament, and 165 times in the New Testatment.

The word Angel comes from the Greek word “Aggelos”, meaning “messenger”.

  • It was an Angel who delivered the Good News to Mary.
  • It was an Angel who directed Joseph to take Mary as his wife.
  • Multitudes of angels filled the night sky to announce the birth of our Savior.
  • God sent angels to minister to Jesus in the wilderness.
  • Throughout the Bible, angels have appeared and spoken to us, given us direction, and delivered messages to us.
  • Angels were created by God.  Everything they do is designed to serve Him!

Psalm 91:11-12

“For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways. They will bear you up in their hands, lest you strike your foot against a stone”.

We hope you will gain as much pleasure having our products in your home and garden, as we have received in creating them for you!



"I bought a Mother & Child statue in remembrance of my mother.
This statue is so peaceful and loving, like my mother. She was an angel
collector, and this statue reminds me of her. Thank you for your
wonderful products. They really do bring peace to your soul."


"I'm impressed! The designs are Wow and Amazing!
The designs/colors are unique and production flawless.
I have no hesitation in recommending these Angel collections."

— B.J.O.

"Wing and a Prayer Angelic Creations are unique and beautiful.
I own several pieces, bird baths, planters and bird houses to name a few.
The intricate designs from the artist are what make each item a treasure and a wonderful addition to my yard."


"I love my Christine birdbath! It’s been a beautiful focal point in my yard for many years.
Excellent quality and the birds love it!"


"I first saw your designs at the Creative Café at church.  I was so impressed with the variety of designs and the intricate details your products offer.
I have three of your cherubs in my gardens and they are all adorable!"


"I love my cherub flight pots!  Every spring my young daughter and I shop for flowers on Mother’s Day to pick out the flowers we are going to plant together!  It has become our little tradition and I love it!  We just ordered the garden cherub stakes and I can’t wait to get them!"


"I bought my wife the Guardian Dear statue a few years ago because she loves to collect angel stuff, but rarely can  find anything “of color. She was thrilled to see such a beautifully designed African statue.  We both hope you will be designing more angels “of color”, and promise we will want to buy every one!"

— BOB D.

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