One Life At A Time

BeachI read a story once about a man that was walking along the beach.

In the distance he could see a small child bending down, picking something up and throwing it carefully out into the ocean.

When the man reached the little child he could see the child was picking up starfish that had washed up on the shore.

“What are you doing?” the man asked.

The child quickly replied,  “I’m saving the starfish.  Without my help, they will die”

The man smiled and said, “Look at all the starfish!  There are miles and miles of beaches.  You can’t possibly save them all, it is too huge of a task.”

BeachThe little child stopped and listened for a moment.  Then he bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it carefully out into the ocean.

He turned to the man with a beaming smile on his face and said

“I helped save THAT one”!

Like washed-up starfish on the shore, there are millions in need all over the world.

In addition to local charities and organizations, Wing and A Prayer Angelic Creations is proud to share a percentage of our profits to help better the lives of those in desperate need.

You can help too!

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