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Provoking thoughts of the Heavenly realms…

Who is Wing and a Prayer?

Beautiful and functional Angelic and Cherub designs created to bring the Heavenly realms into your home and garden.

Wing and A Prayer Angelic Creations, Inc. was created to design and produce beautiful and unique home and garden decor of the highest quality.

All of my designs are unique and copyright protected.

I have even been featured on QVC!

The world is in turmoil and I believe my designs will provide a sense of peace and serenity to your home and garden.

My designs

I design pieces that are breath-taking, yet functional.

My birdhouses have clean out doors and built in ventilation.

My birdbaths are designed to break down for easy cleaning and storage.

My bird products are lead and cadmium free.

In addition, All products are manufactured in accordance with "weather-abiity" testing protocol.

(salt-spray, UV exposure, extreme temperature and lead surface testing).

How it began

In 2001 I was stifled and fed-up with the unfulfilling rat race of corporate America.  I left the position I held with a major airline and ventured off into territory unknown, following my heart and dreaming that big dream of having my own business.

My timing could not have been worse!  9/11 happened 5 weeks later, and needless to say, starting a new business after that was pretty much out of the question!

So, I went back to work, and Wing and a Prayer became my hobby rather than my business.  I kept designing beautiful things for my home and gardens, taking baby steps forward launching new designs and having great success at it.  Little by little I was gaining some great customers and the business grew.

The continued economic turmoil in America has had a tremendous impact on small businesses like mine, inhibiting growth and expansion.  We have persevered through the hard times and have continued to create more beautiful and functional designs.

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"I bought a Mother & Child statue in remembrance of my mother.
This statue is so peaceful and loving, like my mother. She was an angel
collector, and this statue reminds me of her. Thank you for your
wonderful products. They really do bring peace to your soul."


"I'm impressed! The designs are Wow and Amazing!
The designs/colors are unique and production flawless.
I have no hesitation in recommending these Angel collections."

— B.J.O.

"Wing and a Prayer Angelic Creations are unique and beautiful.
I own several pieces, bird baths, planters and bird houses to name a few.
The intricate designs from the artist are what make each item a treasure and a wonderful addition to my yard."


"I love my Christine birdbath! It’s been a beautiful focal point in my yard for many years.
Excellent quality and the birds love it!"


"I first saw your designs at the Creative Café at church.  I was so impressed with the variety of designs and the intricate details your products offer.
I have three of your cherubs in my gardens and they are all adorable!"


"I love my cherub flight pots!  Every spring my young daughter and I shop for flowers on Mother’s Day to pick out the flowers we are going to plant together!  It has become our little tradition and I love it!  We just ordered the garden cherub stakes and I can’t wait to get them!"


"I bought my wife the Guardian Dear statue a few years ago because she loves to collect angel stuff, but rarely can  find anything “of color. She was thrilled to see such a beautifully designed African statue.  We both hope you will be designing more angels “of color”, and promise we will want to buy every one!"

— BOB D.

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